It’s true. We have added no sugar, and yet created an amazing ice cream that has all the taste sensations of traditional ice cream, and we certainly have not compromised on taste.

We believe that the good things in life shouldn’t feel less good simply because they are better for you. That’s why we have asked a gourmet chef and an ice cream manufacturer with 35 years of experience to develop the recipes. You’ll taste the difference!  The sweet, rich and smooth ice cream will melt your heart forever!

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The cool thing about our ice cream is that it is both completely free from added sugar and at the same time tastes and feels like the real deal– sweet, rich and smooth. We only use blood sugar friendly sweeteners and have made the choices that are best for the ice cream and for you.

Everyone´s a winner. But why should everyone else have to put up with fattening ice cream? No one has ever benefitted from tonnes of sugar. That’s why Wauw ice cream is an exciting alternative that doesn’t leave you with the feeling that you are eating a boring replacement.

Wauw is created from a simple basic substance: Good, solid ingredients, maximum flavour, and a resounding goodbye to added sugar.

We have tested and seasoned, changed and refined. And replaced easy solutions with good, solid ingredients.

And it’s been worth it. We have created an ice cream entirely free of added sugar and with blood sugar friendly sweeteners. Now, even lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers can put on a party! In other words: We serve up conscientious enjoyment to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!


We add no refined sugar – but in our universe taste always comes first – even in our more self-righteous moments. Sugar is difficult to do without – also when it comes to consistency.  So we have cheated on sweetness and texture. But don’t be scared. It’s not advanced chemistry. Sweeteners, texture agents and stabilisers are your friends when you want to avoid icy, hard and tasteless ice cream.

We have made some very appetizing choices that we’re sure you will enjoy.


When the ice cream leaves the shop it is in your hands. If you want to make sure that your ice cream stays creamy and delicious, please hurry home and put it in the bottom of your freezer. Be sure to store it below -18 degrees.  Take the ice cream out of the fridge for a few minutes before indulging.



We don’t work in the blind to make a low-fat ice cream without added sugar. But if you want a good, creamy and delicious ice cream full of flavour that keeps from melting from the shop to your freezer then additives cannot be avoided. We have selected ours with care – and made natural choices a long way down the road.


You probably know buttermilk. Buttermilk is low in fat, but fatterier than skimmed milk and gives the ice cream a better and richer taste.

Well, you are probably familiar with cream, too.

Now it becomes more complicated. Polydextrose is a fiber that has no sweetening properties but adds the bulk and texture to your ice cream that sugar normally delivers. In spite of the fact that polydextrose lacks sweetness, it is actually extracted from grape sugar. But the microscopic molecules are connected in a way that makes it difficult for the body to absorb. In the calorie charts, polydextrose is ranked as having only 25% of the calories that sugar has.

Sorbitol is a sweetener with a sweetening capacity of up to 60% compared to refined sugar. Sorbitol is found naturally in several berries and fruit and does not damage your teeth. Diabetics should avoid sorbitol in large quantities as it increases the blood sugar level. Tempted to finish the whole container? Hey – everything in moderation!

Sucralose is a sugar-based sweetener. It tastes like sugar and is intensely sweet – about 600 times sweeter than sugar – and it still has no calories! But since the human body simply does not recognize the ingredient as a carbohydrate there are no calories to worry about. Brilliant!

We have left out the sugar, but retained the good taste and the amazing consistency. It cannot be done without a consistency agent. Sugar, is normally used to make delicious ice cream and with no added sugar, we must resort to alternatives. Erythritol (E968) is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods. It is also produced from glucose by a natural fermentation process. No calories!

Emulgators make the impossible possible. They are always made naturally – ours is based on vegetable oils and makes sure the ice cream doesn’t lose the air that’s whipped into it and helps it stay light, smooth and creamy. It is also thanks to the emulgators that your ice cream doesn’t melt on your way home from the shops, and they prevent it from forming ice crystals when refrozen.

Stabilisers help give the ice cream its perfect consistency and enable us to cheat on the fat contents. You think you’re eating a full-fat, sugar-sweetened ice cream when we have in fact used algae-based stabilisers along with seeds from carob and acacia trees.

Honestly. Ice cream without air is not a good experience. It is the whipped-in air that renders the lovely, creamy and smooth sensation in your mouth.

Because nature’s treasure trove tastes best and because the little black seeds look so awesome. Needless to say that we only use genuine, organic bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Strawberries, grape seed concentrate, water – so far so good. E440, E415, E330, E202, E960 and E162 … this is something to be wary of, right? Don’t worry – the E numbers are codes for thickening and preserving substances as well as citric acid. These substances are also available in your granny’s homemade jam – which by the way is filled with sugar. Our jam contains only extracts from nature’s sweet Stevia plant (E960). E162 is a naturally red colouring substance – and since when have red peppers and red beets been banned?

Let’s be honest – most ice creams contain aromas. Not ours. We take a handful of pistachios and toast them on the frying pan. End of story.

We don’t make it ourselves but have chosen a delicious, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of no less than 72 percent.  The chocolate contains: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and low-fat cocoa. Food fibres (inulin) are added and the chocolate is then sweetened with malitol and made smooth and lovely through soy emulsifier – and – to give it a lovely finish – natural flavouring substances are added.

We take some raw liquorice and crush it with something very heavy.

Awesome, soft caramel mass. It may sound a little complex but it is completely spot on in its wonderfully soft taste. The recipe is: buttermilk, cream, bulking agent (polydextrose), firming agent (erythritol), caramel (oligofructose, water, skimmed milk powder, coconut fat, salt, coffee aroma), buttermilk powder, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilisers (guar gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan), sweetener (sucralose), caramel flavour, coffee flavour and colour (ammonia caramel).

Cold temperatures reduce flavour. Chocolate is doing fine on its own, and the same is true of liquorice and vanilla. Fruity tastes from berries, fruits and nuts, however, may find it difficult to come through. In order to ensure the ultimate taste sensation, we use natural aromas in our strawberry and pistachio ice creams.

We also eat with our eyes and expect certain aromas to have a specific colour. We expect strawberry ice cream to be delicately pink and the pistachio ice cream to be pale green. We assist the colours a bit, but endeavour to keep artificial colouring to an absolute minimum. Red bell peppers and beets deliver the strawberry colour strawberry colour while the pistachio colour is achieved thanks to turmeric and a shot of patent blue (E131), which, yes, is artificially made. Sometimes even the best of us need a helping hand.


Whether you prefer vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio or liquorice we are pretty certain that we will catch you with your head down the supermarket freezer. Find our lovely ice cream at Kiwi, Spar, Meny and at selected Min Købmand.

Not all shops carry the full selection, so ask for your favourite.



We can’t help it – we simply have to make Wauw ice cream.  Our mission is simple: The good things in life should not be less good simply because they are better for you.

We develop, taste, and dream about ice cream 24/7. If you have questions or ideas, you are more than welcome to share them with us.

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