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WAUW – is uden tilsat sukker | VANILLA LACTOSE FREE


About this project

Admitted. It sounds utterly boring. A no-added-sugar, lactose-free ice cream. But hey! It is actually amazing. It’s a little sweeter, but, if you’re like us, you love the sweeter things in life!

Nutritional content per 100g:

Energy: 552 kJ/134 kcal. Protein: 3.3 g, carbon hydrates: 14 g – hereof  5.3 g natural sugar types from butter and milk. Fat: 7.8 g – hereof 5.4 g saturated fatty acids. Salt: 0.11 g. Dietry fibres: 14.0 g.


Lactase-treated buttermilk, 17 % lactase-treated cream,
bulking agent (polydextrose), consistency agent (erythritol), lactase-treated buttermilk powder,
natural vanilla aroma, emulgators (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilisators (guar gum, carob seed flour, carrageenans), sweeteners (sucralose), aroma, vanilla seeds.

No added sugar. Natural contents sugar contents. Wauw vanilla ice cream contains less fat and has 36 % fewer calories compared with traditional vanilla ice cream.


In freezer -18°C